Femme Fatale or Femme Mort?

The Kill-Off by Jim Thompson. Luane Devore is from wealth, though in the years since she came into her inheritance she's squandered it. Only the house remains in which she lays in bed wasting away with an unnamed illness. To fill her days she sleeps and tells lies. Using her phone she gossips around town … Continue reading Femme Fatale or Femme Mort?

Committing a Criminal Shift

I'm in the process of re-framing my writing. While most of my writing has an element of criminality about it, I have yet to come to a solid realization of crime writing. Most of my stories could be framed as crime novels, though not necessarily pulp or noir. There are the historical exceptions, but even … Continue reading Committing a Criminal Shift

Short Story "Human Traffic" Now Available for Free Download

Chris Hunter is an off-the-books fixer for Greater Dragon Asia, an international investment fund operating in Southeast Asia. When a young girl goes missing, he must fight to find and save her before she is forced into sexual slavery. The short story, "Human Traffic" is available as a free gift for signing up to my mailing … Continue reading Short Story "Human Traffic" Now Available for Free Download