Long Time a’coming

The other day I posted a little about depression. It won’t be the last time that I write about it, nor about creativity. I’m in a constant struggle to get done what I want to get done, especially with the added load of a part time job. I know that shouldn’t be that bad, and I appreciate the work, it just makes it difficult for me to separate sleep and writing. I want to write, I want to punch out four or five thousand words a day, but it’s tough to balance when you’re depressed and crazy.

It’s also depressing when you put something out there and no one buys it but your mother. (END OF WHINING. Go buy War Crimes now. Only $2.99 and available on any Kindle enabled device. Amazon.)

I knew I wanted to write from the third or fourth grade. I had graduated from reading the Lord of the Rings into some of Isaac Asimov’s works and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to create characters and universes. I wanted to make it all happen within the confines of a front and back cover. So I started writing. I’ve been writing ever since, just not publishing.

I’ve written two books that should sell in the literary fiction field, but they aren’t popular kind of things, they’re maybe mid-list. I’m saving them, for a day when I have a bigger audience, and in the meantime I’m writing things like Chris Hunter. Action adventure stories that appeal to a larger audience than literary fiction. They are custom designed to appear on Amazon, to be downloaded and enjoyed in a matter of a couple hours, maybe the length of a movie, but a lot cheaper than a movie ticket.

But I need to move forward. When I originally conceived of the idea of pushing writing until I could put out a novella a week I may have been manic. It was ambitious, and I think I could still do it if I could only conquer my morning depression and get up before the crack of noon. That’s ultimately the problem, sleep and depression.

But I’ve waited nearly thirty years to get published and to make it possible for me to survive from writing. That will happen, it’s just a matter of when. I will continue with Chris Hunter, though I may delay some of my other series until I get a few more episodes in the vault.

And I think that’s the announcement I’m making here. I will continue to release Chris Hunter Adventures on a monthly basis, but otherwise I need to reconsider my approach to this. If I can’t get sales once a month, how am I supposed to get sales once a week? A conundrum indeed.

All I need is some experimentation. Eventually I’ll strike on the right settings. The proper release spacing, the proper content, the things that will hopefully allow me to break past the minimal sales going to friends and family. It’s a challenge, and that’s what I’ll do. Face the challenge and wrest my living from the writing.





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