The End of Chase Chance

When I initially imagined using the pseudonym of Chase Chance I was living in SE Asia and worried about repercussions for some of the things I envisioned writing. Part of it, too, was a series of books that would follow a family through the twentieth-century. These books would begin with the story of Reuben Ayers–star of my book Nobody’s Heroes, still unpublished–which tells the story of the black regiment out of New York during the Great War.

While I do want to continue that story, there is much there to tell, and much to research. Chase Chance would prove to be a character in the present who discovered Reuben Ayers story and proceeded to write the books as an exploration of his own family history leading up to his incarceration and institutionalization as a mentally ill ward of the state. This was all imagined shortly after I left the hospital with delusions still abounding and depression easily approaching.

In the meantime I am gearing my current writing to the specificity of things that will sell well on Amazon. Yes, I am writing stories that may not be taken lightly by governments in the SE Asia region, but I am in the United States at the moment. Thus, I hope, able to say such things without the danger of enraging said governments to my detriment. The most they can do is to prevent me from entering their countries.

Chase Chance was always fictional, though I thought it would be fun to eventually create a character based mostly on myself and my mental health problems through whom I could alter my own past and imagine a different life. But that’s decades away at the current rate of storytelling.

So I do away with the Chase Chance Facebook page, and open up the new Steven Jacob 30 page at

Why 30? When I was in high school we learned about Dante’s Divine Comedy. There are thirty canticles in each book, and thirty is a perfect number. Three times three times three plus three. It is my lucky number, not my age.

So I take the risk that in writing what I want to write, I may be alienating foreign governments, but I’m not delusional enough anymore to fear that they will focus on me as a person of influence–at least not at first, nor for quite some time–and sick their Asian dogs at me.

As story isn’t good if it’s about a happy family. So I will write about things that I saw when I lived there, things that I learned through books, and problems that beset the different venues in the region. If the governments of SE Asia were perfect, it wouldn’t matter, but that’s what I want to do, and what I intend to do. Though as I mentioned in my post yesterday on ChaseChance30 I am going to approach this launch with a bit more seriousness.

The first entry–before I relaunch Chris Hunter–is titled Noy and Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk. It is a literary drama set in Laos and follows the separate members of a family as they face the overwhelming power of the State and the secrets that have long eaten at the foundation of their relationships. But more on that later. I’m going to release that in e-book and POD formats on Amazon. I will announce dates and more details soon.

And then there are other projects that I may publish that I wasn’t considering publishing in an e-book format initially but that I want to get out there because they discuss certain important stories of the past. I may also post shorter historical essays and other writings. We’ll see how things go.

All that said, then, I am signing off. This will be the first post on my new page and I will share it on my Newsfeed. I will also post it on Linkedin with a copy to my old Chase Chance 30 page. From now on, this blog, will be the first place to get updates on publication, research and other information. I will discontinue the Chase Chance Facebook Page at the time I announce the publication of Noy and Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk.




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