Mishima and Me

So Lee Kuan Yew. . .

I didn’t finish volume two. It repeated a lot of the same ground as volume one and I just got bored, specifically as I’m not reading it for any particular purpose, other than to find ideas for a Chris Hunter episode.

Yes, Chris Hunter will go to Singapore. Chris Hunter is coming back soon. I’m just finishing a retool of the first episode on the advise of my expert reader (my mother). And yes, I live with my mother, at least for the moment.

I’m also just about finished on the first draft of my second stand alone project. It’s set in Haiti shortly after the junta took over control of the country from Baby Doc Duvalier. I did a bunch of reading on the longer history of the country, probably five or six anthropological pieces, and it took two pages in a reporter’s story about the Duvaliers for the idea to hit. So look for that.

I’m also resurrecting a character from college. I wrote her then as my second book, an action adventure. This time it will be a continuing series with several characters and side plots as things go along. I’m not ready to debut that yet, but soon. It’s in my top three projects to prepare for publication.

In other news, I’m reading Upron Sinclair’s novel Oil! I’m about a quarter of the way through and it’s good. I don’t know if it’s Pulitzer good, but maybe that was why we read the Jungle in high school instead.

As I’ve revisited authors I read in high school and read more of their oeuvre, I’ve become aware of why they are so highly regarded. Hemingway, Pearl S. Buck, Faulkner, Steinbeck. . .hell, Steinbeck has become my favorite author. . .well, maybe after Yukio Mishima.

now there’s an interesting story. A homosexual Japanese writer who finishes his masterwork and the name tries to mount a coup of the republican army, giving a speech to an assembled phalanx and then committing hard kari. But wow, what a revelation his books are. It was the beginning of my flirtation with serious, award winning literature.

When I started reading as a kid I think was mostly fantasy and science fiction. I remember my dad would bring back fantasy books from his business trips and I’d read them in a night or two. This lasted until I reached maybe the fourth or fifth grade when’s I started reading John Grisham and other bestsellers. This stage lasted the longest, probably taking me through to law school when I began reading some of the more literate style of books written by modern authors. Only in Laos did I really begin to ponder the need to read great books if I wanted to write great books.

I did. I read through just about every classic that our little bookstore carried, buying them up in bulk. And when I went to Bangkok or Singapore, where there were real bookstores, I would spend hundreds of dollars on books Andrew fill up two bags full. This I would carry on my flight and Surely amuse the flight attendants hewn my luggage shifted Andrew I had to restore the books in the bags before disembarking.

i think, too, part of Mishima’s attraction was my first exposure to him. I brought him on a vacation with me to Vietnam, Da Nang specifically. There I would wake up early and take a walk before breakfast. Eat the meal provided by the hotel, and then sit down in my room to write for a couple hours. Then I would take a nap and saunter off to a cafe close by to read the rest of the afternoon. And then, as evening approached, I would watch the storm coming into the coast from my room, on the sixth floor overlooking the East Sea. It was a magical two weeks, just living and writing and enjoying myself with good books.

all right. Stay tuned. There will be announcements about Chris Hunter’s return soon.

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