Noy And Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk

I’m excited to finally announce that tonight, come midnight, Noy Andrew Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk, will hit the Kind,e digital store. I set the pre-release date for June1, and then proceeded to promptly forget what day I took was, all week. Sothe night has finally come. The day is here.

Noy and Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk is the story of a Lao couple who are trying to navigate political corruption, desire, and paranoia. It’s a story authentic in its inspiration, many of the instances cited I experienced in some way, though the objects may be entirely different. The characters are fictitious but the events are entirely plausible.

When I worked in Laos, we contacted a political machinist company. They not only provided high level information about the politics and power of Southeast Asia, but they also related a story. In Vietnam, their client was the victim of false registration of land in the cadastral records. He had bought a strip of land with promising mineral deposits. But a clerk found out about this value and switched the registrations. This company then used connections furthermore up in the hierarchy to restore the land to it so iriginal owner.

That was in Vietnam, in Laos such corruption is even more endemic. Ministry Parkin gloats full of minimum wage earners taking home a hundred dollars are filled with Lexus, Mercedes, and SUVs. Where they get the money. . .i don the know, but there is a long and fruitful history of corruption in the country.

That’s why Noy And Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk is something that reflects my genuine experience in a country I love. And it’s  available for download on starting at midnight tonight, June 1st.

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