Kickback Returns

Kickback: a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly.

Chris Hunter has come a long way from his roots in Orange County. Though his life has changed dramatically since he fired his first shot, he still strives to be the best.

Promised on his grandmother’s deathbed, Chris must become the best at whatever it is he does, even if it’s to become a gangster. No Al Capone, he must travel a long journey, one that eventually brings him to Southeast Asia where he joins forces with one of the region’s largest investment funds as an enforcer, fixer, assassin.

Now he’s been called in to investigate the disappearance of an accountant only to discover that there are more layers to conspiracy than an onion skin.

Although released once, and briefly, under the pseudonym Chase Chance, Kickback has been substantially revised and edited to not only increase the suspense, but also the readability. It’s like a director’s cut, only good.

Kickback will be re-released under my real name: Steven Jacob, on August 1st. This will be a digital only release. If you haven’t already read Kickback, it’s soon time you do. This time Chris Hunter won’t be stopped, and remember, there’s never a paper trail.

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