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I have started working as a document review attorney, which takes up much of my time and creative energy. I am editing a new book and preparing for another, at the same time I am contemplating the exact nature of the second Chris Hunter Adventure.

There is one thing that I will say, though. While Leak, Chris’s friend in Cambodia who was introduced in Kickback, will play a major role in the next episode. I am contemplating something far more serious for the characters than I had originally envisioned, and as such I am preparing major revisions.

I will talk more of the next book project, which is stand alone–for now–and is based in Haiti, during the 1987 Junta.

But that’s got another month of work. What needs to happen is a rewrite of War Crimes, the second Chris Hunter adventure.

As it stands, War Crimes examines some of the difficulties faced by the extraordinary chambers of the war crimes tribunal in Phnom Penh. Tensions flare, however, when a surviving victim of one of the war criminals–one who got away from the tribunal–holds a Greater Dragon facility hostage until the war criminal is delivered to him, Chris and Leak must find the criminal and deliver him before shots are fired and a massacre ensues.

Some of that may change in my rewrite. We’ll see.

One thing I am experimenting with is a bit more patience between when I work on a first draft outline and when I start the first draft story. That is one thing that Patterson apparently does, something that I will try my best to imitate, the art of writing multiple drafts of the outline before beginning work on the substance of the thing.

Thats it for future details. What you need to do, in the meantime, is buy and read Noy and Her Ungrateful Husband Khamsouk, and Kickback. They are both available now for download on Amazon and can be read on any Kindle enabled device. And remember, the Kindle app is free to download and works on just about every platform except Linux.

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