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I’ve updated and developed my author page. There’s some other Steven Jacob writing as Steven Jacob who I’m trying to get removed from my page, but I have to contact to do it. Which I have. Now it’s a time to relax and wait for customer service to respond. Anyway, you can visit and rate my books, though I only have two so far. (Three with that interloper Steven Jacob’s book: something about technical managers.)

I posted the site link to Facebook already. This post will make it available on LinkedIn as well.Now, onto something else.

I’m reading a Robert Ludlum novel. I’m striving to learn from his writing how to write a really good thriller. As I mentioned in my last post I’m somewhere near the seventy-thousand word mark on a book tentatively titled Shell Shock. I’ve determined that I need to scrap most of the third act that I’ve written so far. This means more work for me, but it also means I’ll have a much better book. I’ve written about ten thousand words in two rooms and a lot of useless internal monologue. This will be disposed of.

But that’s not the most pressing document.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m editing Bloody Sunday. This is a story about how an American reporter and a local intellectual and his child react to a massacre that happens at a school voting booth in November of 1987.

The massacre in the book actually happened. I read it in the introduction to Haiti Shattered Nation by Elizabeth Abbott. It’s primarily a journalistic reporting of the Duvaliers and their reigns, but it also discusses the aftermath during the Junta and beyond. In the introduction Ms. Abbott gives a short description of a voting massacre that was instigated by General Henri Nampby so as to delay a legitimate vote by the people of Haiti. It read only three or four pages, but it instantly spiked my interest.

I’m not sure exactly how long it took to follow the bulk of Bloody Sunday but it came pretty quickly. It’s a chase, a cat and mouse between the reporter and the head investigator of Port-au-Prince. While I have never been to Haiti, I’ve read a great deal about it, and actually have a Geography of Haiti dating from the year in which Bloody Sunday is set.

And there I’ll leave it. That’s the project closest to fruition. So I’ll leave with that update, an update of an update, and bid adieu.


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