Holiday Update

I don’t know how many people still pay attention to my page on Facebook, but I’ve been absent for a while. I blame that on a slump in motivation following three months of work as a temp-document review attorney. While that made me some money, I most definitely did not enjoy it, and I struggled to get there everyday. I blame my meds and my disease on that, though it just might be laziness.

Once I finished with the temp project I was working on, it took me some time to find the motivation to write consistently again. I have finally reached that point, though, where I am writing daily, and working to get more product up. I’m working on three projects right now, two of which will see the light of day coming in early 2018 and the other will require a bit more work to get ready. I’m two thirds through the third issue.

The first product that will see the light of day is Chris Hunter #2: War Crimes.

  • War Crimes follows the story of the son of a victim of Tuol Sleng–the Khmer Rouge secret prison in Phnom Penh. When he finds out that the father of Chris Hunter’s best friend was a torturer at the prison, he kidnaps Leak and thus begins the journey of a small group of Khmers who are dissatisfied by the general amnesty granted by King Sihanouk after the war, and the equally useless Special Tribunal for War Crimes.

I finished writing the first draft of War Crimes this last weekend, and now I have to give it the full James Patterson rewrite: seven drafts.

  • The second project is Bloody Sunday. Based on actual events, Bloody Sunday tells the story of a reporter and a child who come together to expose the corruption and terror imposed on the 1987 general election in Haiti by the then Junta and the left over private army of the Duvaliers. It’s a cat and mouse game, one that runs nearly 70 thousand words long. I’m currently working on the fourth draft. I may try a few agents to see if I can’t get traction on this before I release it. I’m not sure, though I will let you know later on.

The third project is tentatively entitled Shell Shock: A Patricia Scott Adventure.

  • I’m currently working on the third quarter of a 120,000 word novel. It’s easily digested in four parts, which may be what happens if I go forward with an Amazon platform for this novel. Though by the time I’m done editing it, I’m hoping for a major thriller. We’ll see what happens. Patricia Scott–or Scotti–to her friend is a criminologist and former Army MP. During her tour in Afghanistan as a security forces trainer she experienced trauma the likes of which caused her to experience PTSD. As she is dealing with this miserable condition, she is also threatened by a family history that lends itself to murder and mayhem and they’re coming after Scotti full force. This is later in the year as I’m still not finished writing the first draft.

I also have a fourth option I’m debating. I’ve written about one and a half entries. I may or may not give you more information about this later.

I’m also working on polishing several first draft novels which I will annotate at a later date.

For now, this is the agenda. I’ll update you as more events unfold. I do know, though that 2018 will see more stories than 2017.

All of you that are still noting my updates, there you go. It’s a simple situation and one that will be balanced over the part time work I’m waiting on–something I can do remotely. More on that later too. Now, go out and read. Support your local authors.





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