A Release Date

After getting well into my fifth review of Bloody Sunday, I am convinced I can finish my reviews and get everything ready for a Monday, January 29, 2018, release date. While this may be an odd date, I should let it be known that Monday is the biggest day for Kindle e-book sales. Thus, I’m offering the digital version of the book for free during the first week of release. Monday through Friday, February 2.

I will also be releasing the hard copy version of Bloody Sunday, on the same schedule.

In addition, there will be contests and prizes for reviews, of which I will say more later. For now, suffice it to say that work is sufficiently advanced that it’s time to start the countdown.


P.S. The manuscript cover above is a Baroque document. Nothing nearly as fancy as what I intend to publish. But as the days roll by, you can be assured that peaks and previews are in the works.


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