The Last Interrogator

War Crimes, the about to be released Chris Hunter adventure, is based on the reality of war in Cambodia. Decades ago, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime emptied the cities of Cambodia in what was considered a mass collectivization of ten million people. They thought that agriculture would teach the intellectuals and city dwellers equality with the landed peasantry. This didn’t work and as a result millions died from torture, violence and starvation.

Part of the criminal enterprise that was the Khmer Rouge was the secret police, or Santebal. The head of the Santebal was Comrade Duch, a school teacher by training who took control of S-21, Tuol Sleng, or the death prison.

At this prison he used interrogators to question and torture thousands of people who, after they admitted to cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies–rarely based in actual fact–were hit on the back of the head with shovels and buried in mass graves. From sixteen to twenty-thousand people died in Tuol Sleng.

Leak Nath’s father was one of the interrogators. He kept a journal of his tortures including the names of those who worked with him in the violence of Tuol Sleng. While his father died in the 3rd Indochina War, his godfather kept the journal and handed it down to Leak at his maturity.

In the present he is kidnapped by a group comprised of victim’s families, who are desperate for revenge against the men who tortured and killed their ancestors. They want the journal from Leak’s father because of the information which it contains, information that would unveil all of the interrogators and bring to light those war criminals who worked for the Santebal.

Chris Hunter, Leak’s best friend and colleague, joins forces with Leak’s sister Sophea and the head of Greater Dragon Cambodia to find Leak and keepsafe the journal before it can fall into the wrong hands, hands that seek revenge, rather than reconciliation.

War Crimes, a Chris Hunter Adventure, will be released on April 9, and will be available for free download from Amazon Kindle for five days starting with the release date. After the five days expire it will be available for sale at $2.99 a download.


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