Part three of the Chris Hunter adventures is on the editing table. I’ve gone through it three times, but I’ve got the hard drafts ahead of me. I’m not sure when I’m going to put this out, probably the end of June, something which I will announce when I decide it, but this announcement will still be relevant.

While I’ve enjoyed writing these shorter pieces, I’m now convinced that a longer fiction is more commercial, and as I hope someday to make a living this way, I need to keep commercial issues in mind.

Know then, that Schizophrenia is the last deliberate short. From here on out the focus will be on novel length stories. Of course, if I run across something I want to keep small, then of course I’ll write it, but from here on out think big.

I also wanted to say that this third entry in the series is possible the most personal piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

Chris Hunter is sent to Laos to search for the CEO of Grester Dragon Laos. The man has gone missing, but his last interactions with staff suggested a mental health issue. . .manly schizophrenia.

Perhaps the biggest reason this is personal is that I have schizoaffective disorder, which is part of the schizophrenia family of mental illness. I had a major psychotic break in Phnom Penn, Cambodia, and spent nearly two weeks wandering around the city crazy and in various states of dress. It was embarrassing once I got on meds and was stabilized, but the truth remained, I very well could have had more serious repercussions.

So there is a lot of my own story in this, but don’t let that deter you. I think it’s a great story and I hope you enjoy it.


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