New Chris Hunter Adventure

$2.99 Amazon Kindle

Some business. Psychosis is the new Chris Hunter Adventure. It will be premiering only digital on Amazon Kindle. It will be online available for free download from July 9-13. A month later, it will be packaged with Kickback and War Crimes as an omnibus edition that will only be available in trade paperback.

Now, to Psychosis.

Jean-Pierre Gouraud has gone missing, but not for the usual reasons. He’s been struck by schizophrenia and is wandering Vientiane, Laos, crazy and in his boxers.

Chris Hunter is tasked with finding him and overseeing his confinement in a hospital in Thailand, or France. Chris, however, is plagued by memories of the past and the trouble he experienced because of his sister’s mental health problems.

The clock is ticking before Jean-Pierre does something irreversible for either Greater Dragon Asia, or himself.

The image at the top is the cover of the adventure. Remember, available for download from July 9.



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