Psychosis is real

Hey all, my last post, here, is the announcement of the third Chris Hunter adventure, Psychosis. What I didn’t tell you is that the experience of the character gone crazy is similar in some ways to my own experience going crazy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While I had friends and they tried to help me, I was pretty much crazy and on my own for two weeks in the small capital city.

When Jean-Pierre Gouraud goes crazy in Vientiane, I drew heavily on my own experience in detailing the story from his perspective. While a cousin in Bangkok, came to my rescue, I ditched him on the street. I assaulted the embassy in my boxers, and tried to get in just so I could stop the microchips in my head.

It was a crazy and scary time, and I hope I portrayed some of that in this story. I am thankful to those who tried to help, and I’m glad I survived despite attempts to cut my arteries with a busted Coke can. Apparently they don’t make it sharp enough to inflict much damage.

A good thing, I suspect. But my insanity is a big part of my experience in Asia–my first psychotic event was in Vietnam in 2003–I hope that those who are in need of help, will have the power to reach out, because it is family and friends who, in the end, are the saving grace of the mentally ill.

I’ve been lucky. My friends have helped me, and my family has supported me, despite my substance abuse, my suicide attempts, and my temporary psychotic break caused by drugs. I love them and appreciate them. All of them.

That said, look out for the July 9th release of Psychosis, the third Chris Hunter adventure.




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