Psychosis is Me

As I’ve already written, the premise of Psychosis: A Chris Hunter Adventure is that the head of Greater Dragon Laos goes crazy, as a psychotic break, and disappears somewhere in Vientiane. Chris Hunter is tasked to find him. As he struggles with his past and psychosis, he struggles to find the Laos CEO.

Now, I’ve also said that some of the events in Psychosis happened to me in Phnom Penh, Cambodia back in 2011.

This wasn’t my first time going crazy. I’d had initial psychotic breaks in the early 2000s, but this was the first time I was hospitalized and treated for mental health. That said, I utilized some of my own experience and some of my research on this story.

Thus the basis for my saying this story is based loosely on actual events.

That said, Psychosis will be hitting Amazon this coming Monday. It will be a free download for five days and then it will pop back up to $2.99. This is the last book I’m publishing for free. It also the last time I’m deliberately publishing a longer story in parts.

From now on I’ll be publishing novels. Of which I have several ready sans editing. In another month I’ll be publishing the Chris Hunter Omnibus which will include not only the first three Chris Hunter adventures, but also a sneak preview of the new series: Patricia Scott. More on that later.

I will only be publishing the Omnibus in trade paperback. So get the digital version free next week and buy the hard copy in a month for all of the extant Chris Hunter adventures.





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