Vietnam and Hurricane Florence

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Phong Dien solar farm is live, or nearly so. That’s alternative energy live in Vietnam. As an American, and a most time expat, I appreciate this. Vietnam is taking steps, along with other nations, to do things that the United States has refused to do under the current administration.

This is exciting. Where for much of the last century, the US has been the leader in technology development, Asia is pivoting to take that title. From Eastern Asia to Indochina and South Asia the worlds largest continent seems set to take over this crisis essential project.

This is essential, I think in part, because I have just recently, like hours ago, lived through Hurricane Florence on the east coast of the United States. Environmental impact is important for investors.


Because Asia is become more and more environmentally conscience and contributing to a healthy environment is a positive step in corporate responsibility. Especially in a place where a good quarter of the country is doomed to be impacted by sea level rising.

I remember walk-in get past a building downtown, it was constructed with American money, but it also took its cue from a once more enlightened administration and boasted its environmental credentials. (When I say administration I don’t refer to Hanoi, but to DC,

There are a lot of ways that investors in Vietnam can assist with this push for environmental awareness and responsibility. I won’t go into a list, because I hate lists, but investors can help by leading the way. Whether that means buildings are constructed with zero net environmental impact, or that ODA money is spent on upgrading the country’s buses to natural gas or some other more environmentally friendly fuel, or even building green buildings like China has announced, a forest in a high rise apartment building.

And where is the law in this? It’s in the law in environment and supplemental legislation. There are people in Hanoi who know what’s up, and they have cracked down in recent years in corporate polluters. It’s part of Doi Moi in a way, a continued plan to improve Vietnam’s global standing in all sorts of ways. But today, remember, the environment won’t get better on its own, and even if you’re a Trump Republican, you should still be able to see the importance of taking care of something so finite, so limited that we are running out of time.

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