Analytical Meditation

Analytical Meditation.

There was a brief mention of this when I read the Book of Joy, but no in depth discussion, it intrigued me though, and I was interested to discover exactly what it might be.

After a series of searches on Google, I learned that there are two types of meditation. First, there is single-point Meditation, which is the Meditation in the breath, or in a flickering candle, etc. this is designed to improve one’s ability to focus, and is essential to the larger task of analytical Meditation,

Analytical meditation, then, is the meditation of coming to grips with reality. It can be used to understand the reality of the mind and the body, it can also be used to come to understanding of various problems. Perhaps the most intriguing example came from Dr. Sanjay Gupta after he had the chance to meditate with the Dalai Lama.

This example was one in which the Dalai Lama essentially told him to take a problem and to raise it above the tumult of normal thought and to focus on it. This is where the single-point meditation comes in handy, for its focus on focus allows the mind to focus on the problem raised in analytical Meditation.

i tried this once, and I’ve come to a conclusion, it’s a good technique for isolating problems and for deep thinking. And when deep thinking is necessary for deep work, then it’s a necessary technique for excelling in any endeavor.

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