Chris Hunter Omnibus

Hello all. It’s time for an announcement.

February 5, 2019.

The Chris Hunter Omnibus will be published for purchase. This is a print only copy and will be available on This is the collection of the first three Chris Hunter stories in one volume.

Chris Hunter is a fixer for Greater Dragon Asia, a multi-national conglomerate with operations around the globe. Located in Cambodia and set to travel around the region to fix problems as they arise, Chris Hunter faces corruption and murder, kidnapping, psychosis, and a host of other difficulties.

In this Omnibus, the first three stories are collected for you’re reading pleasure.

Steven Jacob is the author of two other books and is currently working with a publisher to release a third. You can get in touch with Steven Jacob’s work on this blog, or at his facebook page at More information will be forthcoming as the publication date approaches.



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