pain in the shoulder

All right. Working through pain,

Some time ago I did something to my shoulder, I don’t know whether it was during my triathlon days or during my crash in Laos. Either way it’s been livable and non-noticeable since then, until a couple months ago. It went whacko but after a couple of weeks subsided. At New Years I picked up my eight month old nephew and lifted him up above my head and now it’s back, with a vengeance. I have a few more days to wait until I get my verification of coverage from the insurance company but otherwise it’s stick it out with Ibuprofen and some topical pain killer.

For the most part I’ve been writhing in pain, forlorn and full of self-pity. But I’ve also been trying to get writing done, which is difficult when it hurts to sit, but I’ve still been trying. I can’t say I’m a miracle worker, or that the pain has produced amazing results in my work product, but I can say I am learning.

Pain, as much as it sucks, makes the lack of pain valuable. My mother, who has fibromyalgia and had it before there were any decent treatments, loved a life of pain. What something like my shoulder makes me understand is how strong someone like her really is.

To be able to raise three children, successfully, and carry on with everyday life in the most part a large mover and shaker in the community, a producer of events and a person who cares for others despite the pain. . ,that’s impressive, snd it’s something that isn’t realized until,you feel pain.

Therefore, salute to my mother, and to all the others out there who suffer from chronic pain, it’s a killer, and it hurts, and I’m indebted to you for showing me up in such a conspicuous way, in other words, in a way that you’ve quietly gone on living despite your pain, and you continue to do so everyday.


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