Is Mindfulness Simply Focus?

Mindfulness is the source of happiness.

This from Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, mentor. It fits. I’m beginning to see the root of Buddhism. If mindfulness is happiness then mindfulness is also compassion, or Metta. It’s the basic root of the thing.

At least that’s what I’m beginning to see. Mindfulness is practiced through meditation with the goal of becoming constantly mindful. Mindfulness towards others is compassion. Compassion is happiness.

so through meditation and mindfulness we can become happy, or find joy. This seems to be the root of Buddhism, the major teaching. Everything that I’ve read so far seems to support this.

There remain numerous techniques for mindfulness/meditation, but the root of it is compassion. So again, I reiterate my goal to become compassionate, to practice loving kindness. To become Metta.

According to Buddhism it would seem the starting point is meditation. But I also wonder if there isn’t an aspect of attention involved as well. Focus, and the deliberate placing of it, can provide a great deal of satisfaction, it can also increase productivity and other aspects of well being in life.

Can focus on others act as mindfulness?

I find this question compelling. It’s something that I think is important. Yes, mindfulness allows us to remain in the moment so we can focus on what’s happening now, which in many cases is interaction with others, but doesn’t the same benefit accrue to those who can place their focus on others without worrying about past and future and now?

is focus the same thing, just a different word for mindfulness? Perhaps the deliberate choosing of focus is an advanced mindfulness, a way to remain in a moment in the moment. It seems the concepts are interlinked. I will have to revisit focus as it has been some time since I’ve read about the focused life.

i think in the meantime, however, I will focus on focus, particularly focusing on others; allow myself to be in the moment for other people and to worry about their needs rather than my own, to focus on them, rather than me.

i will report back next week what I learned.

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