Mindfulness Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

I’ve been depressed, and though I have read that mindfulness is a treatment for depression, I haven’t truly experienced it myself before. Tonight, though, I was feeling down, more so than usual depression and I needed to do something about it,

So I searched “how to cure depression with mindfulness.” What Google returned was an article about MBCT, or Mindfulness Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. It didn’t say much about it, only that from doing mindfulness meditation for twenty to thirty minutes a day, study participants were able to get off antidepressants.

I figured, why not give it a try, I know theoretically that meditation is helpful, but I haven’t really tried it for that length of time before, maybe something will click,

What happened is that I did some analytical meditation for a few minutes and came up with a brainstorm, mindfulness meditation works to cure depression because it separates the identity from the thoughts. When meditating, or otherwise practicing mindfulness, we observe our thoughts and reactions, distancing our consciousness from the busyness with which our minds fill the silence.

By making this separation, you are separating the thoughts that cause depression from the self. This is a revolutionary concept. When experiencing depression, one begins a thought spiral of sad or negative thoughts and is unable to escape from them, concluding that they are the essence of being. Christianity, too, teaches this, that thoughts create being, when in fact, thoughts are distinct from being.

Almost immediately my mood shifted and I was able to consider my breaths for the rest of my time period, feeling the calm easiness that comes with mindfulness and the knowledge that what I am observing is not myself but simply thoughts,


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