Back in Nam

Afteer a week of settling in and exploring the area around my apartment, I’m ready to get back online and posting. This post isn’t going to be about mindfulness and compassion, but rather simply an announcement. I’m back in Asia, in Vietnam, and if things go well, it will be for good. (Barring the occasional visit)

I’ve spent much of the last week studying Vietnamese, trying to resurrect old language skills that haven’t been used in years. I’m already seeing results and hope that within a few months I’ll be able to use my language skills for good. I’m also watching a Vietnamese soap opera that has me hooked.

Often I go to a cafe and read Vietnamese books while sipping coffee and drinking water, talking to the old men and women who frequent the establishment. Many of them are insistent that I need to get married and are keeping an eye open for a potential mate for me. I don’t have the heart to tell them I’m gay.

Ive been adjusting to the Lilliputian size of things, though, and it’s taken some doing. My back and shoulders struggled to find the right position to remain pain free, but I think I’ve found the solution. It also helps that I’ve purchased a chair with a high back for support when I’m at home.

As soon as I’m more confident with my reading comprehension I’m going to visit the Buddhist bookstore around the corner from me. I pass it when I walk to Highlands Coffee at The Manor. One thing that has changed in the last four years is the amount of new building. It is amazing how many new apartment complexes and malls have risen since I was last here.

That’s it for now. Just settled in and ready to make the most of my time here.

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