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Set up the new webpage with a free giveaway: the first three Chris Hunter stories. It’s in a single file and you can find it by clicking the free download link at the top of this page.

That said, I’m going to alternate my posts here. I’m going to talk about the research I do for my books, about the background and stories I uncover, as well as some Vietnamese language blogs which–for my English speakers–you can skip.

I’ll start by upping the ante. Billie Holiday. In January of 1949 she was arrested for drug possession in San Francisco. She was set up, though, and her time at the Café Society Uptown in the city was spent in stressful contemplation of what to do about her arrest and impending trial.

See this link, here, for a brief article on the arrest published on FoundSF.org. A fascinating site with lots of historical interest in San Francisco. I’m actually working on a series of short stories, the first finished in first draft, about San Francisco, drugs, and music. That’s why Billie Holiday. I’ve finished the first draft of a novella about her arrest and will be following that up shortly with additional stories based in linked backgrounds.

For instance. . .the man who arrested her, George White, was also involved with the dissemination of LSD after its creation by the CIA. Interesting. He bought flats in both New York and San Francisco where he would use hired prostitutes to lure Johns back. Once they were inside the flats, the prostitutes would slip the Johns LSD. George White was behind one-way mirrors and with cameras watching what happened next. Despicable.

Anyway, lots of fun. Right now I’m working on the prequel origin story of Chris Hunter and rewriting a Western with a twist. Lots more to come. Cheers.

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