Long Rifles in Major Ridge

Earlier I wrote about the book of Native American biographies that I discovered this morning. Here. I have since done a little research on a gun that my main character, The Ridge, would use to deter a wayward warrior from enforcing an old law of vengeance.

That bit of research took me first to A Brief History of U.S. Military Rifles, here, where I learned about the long rifle produced as the Kentucky, or Pennsylvania Rifle based on its area of production and primary use. This in turn led me to look at the Kentucky flintlock rifle, or long rifle on Wikipedia, here. After reading somewhat into the history of production of the rifle, and the fact that the average barrel was over forty inches long, I saw a description of a shorter barreled version, the Harpers Ferry Model of 1803, here.

As I read about this shorter rifle, of only about 33 inches in length, I also saw a reference link. I followed this link and accidentally noticed the wrong reference. American Rifle: A Biography, by Alexander Rose was the third reference when I clicked on the second. I saw this, though, in the periphery of my vision and was intrigued. So I clicked over to Amazon and bought the book in Kindle format for my reading pleasure here in Vietnam. You can see the book on Google Books, here.

Now my knowledge of guns is limited–having only fired a few shotguns at clay pigeons once–and especially my knowledge of guns in the early nineteenth century. So this is an interesting discovery. I look forward to reading Rose’s book and knowing that there are several other books on similar subjects should I be so inclined.

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