New Reference for Billie Holiday

Recently, I wrote a novella based on the drug arrest of Billie Holiday in 1949 San Francisco. I intend to rewrite the story and submit it for independent publication in some kind of press or other, though I also intend to include it as the first story in a four story collection of linked novellas later next year. I have yet to write those other novellas, but I have completed the first draft of the Billie Holiday story.

I don’t know what I’m calling it yet.

About two weeks ago I ordered A Life in My Hands, by J.W. Ehrlich, the lawyer who defended Holiday in the case in San Francisco. You can see the Google Books link here. I ordered a first edition, which cost me about fifty bucks, with mylar wrapping. The shipping cost forty bucks. For a grand total of nearly a cool hundred. The danger of ordering from Abebooks. And it only took 12 days to arrive at my office door here in Vietnam.

I received the book today. it is the autobiography of Ehrlich and includes, or so I understand, extensive retellings of the defense of Holiday and his relationship with her. I am excited about this as Ehrlich is a character in my novella and his role in her defense pivotal to my plot. I will be reading this book over the next couple weekends as I have a goal of starting a rewrite of the novella in another week or two.

That’s today’s research update.

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