Bloody Sunday for Free on Smashwords

It’s election day in Haiti. The first free and clean elections in over thirty years. When the president’s goons attack an election site and massacre voters and observers, Hilton Greene barely escapes with his life. But there was evidence, a videotape made, and Hilton Greene–veteran reporter–wants it.
In exchange he agrees to take the filmmakers child to America, a risk worth taking for a Pulitzer worthy piece of video, and, boy and video in hand, they begin a desperate 24 hour escape in an attempt to get themselves and the video out of Haiti, before the police catch them

Bloody Sunday, my thriller set in Haiti, is now available for free on Smashwords, here. Over the next several weeks I’ll be rolling out Bloody Sunday on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc. With luck I can even get Amazon to give me a free listing, we’ll see. This is of course marketing, but I’ve re-edited the book to include additional research I ran across after initially publishing. It’s cleaner, more concise, and has additional character development as well.

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