The Hunter Chronicles Free Download

I just got the new cover for my free download The Hunter Chronicles. This is a collection of three novellas outlining the first adventures of Chris Hunter in Southeast Asia. You can download it for free at Bookfunnel here.

Chris Hunter is a fixer for Greater Dragon Asia, a multinational investment fund that has projects throughout Asia. When something goes wrong, or when heavy lifting needs doing, the boss calls in Chris Hunter to handle the matter.

In “Kickback” Hunter investigates a missing executive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, only to find that there is corruption and graft that rises within the local organization all the way to the top.

In “War Crimes” Hunter must rescue his best friend, a Cambodian soldier, who has evidence linking his father to the greatest war criminal since Himmler.

In “Psychosis” Hunter must track down an executive in Laos who has gone off the deep end, literally, going crazy with schizophrenia, only to face ghosts of his past in the haunting conclusion to The Hunter Chronicles.

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