Nobody’s Heroes Now on Sale

Nobody’s Heroes is the story of Reuben Ayers, a young professional black man in 1910s Harlem. He has thought much of improving the plight of his race and decided that politics would be his route to uplift. When President Wilson declares war on the Allied Powers, Reuben makes a deal with Tammany Hall, the Democratic Machine in New York, to spy on the black regiment forming in New York City. Only after befriending Jim Europe, Noble Sissle, and Horace Pippin (real life artists and musicians) is he able to see the mistake of his ambition and begin the process of recovering his soul from its betrayal of his people.

Published today, 30 September 2019, Nobody’s Heroes is available on most digital platforms. You can also buy a hardback version or paperback version for differing amounts of money. If you read this blog please consider purchasing Nobody’s Heroes and then leaving a review behind for others to read and judge. It helps Indie Authors tremendously when you do this, and I offer my appreciation in advance.

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