Author Copies Arrived

It’s been almost three weeks since Austin MaCauley shipped the box of author copies from England through the courier DHL. First I got an email from my publisher saying DHL needed more information from me and I gave them my phone number and revised the address to include more information. Then I got a call from DHL Vietnam asking for my email. In the subsequent missive I found out that I needed to make a customs declaration and that, if the goods shipped were books or media, then there would be an inspection by the state censor. I filled out the form and submitted it. A week later I got a phone call saying they would deliver my package that afternoon at a cost of about $30US for customs.

The package arrived at my office. I don’t usually go in unless I have to, so I walked from my apartment to the office, which is about a mile walk, and went up the three floors in the elevator. I picked up the package, which was rather heavy, and refunded the customs fee to the secretary. Then I carried the box out of the office, down the elevator, and out to a waiting taxi.

Three dollars later–there was a lot of traffic and he took the long way to avoid it–I arrived outside my apartment. Carrying the box, filled with 25 copies of my book Nobody’s Heroes, I climbed up two stories and keyed into my room. Below is a picture of the unopened box on my bed.

I took a break as I was out of breath because I’m out of shape. I took a bathroom break and a drink of Revive–the best Isotonic beverage ever–and then took to opening the box. It was a bit difficult considering I don’t have any knives or scissors or even sharp keys. But I managed to do it and I popped open the box to reveal bubble wrap, the kind with large bubbles, and a hazy image of two copies of my book floating underneath. The image below is upside down because WordPress decided to show it that way. I rotated the image but it still is upside down.

Anyway, I opened the box. There was a note on top of the books that said that the copies were pressed in foil on the cover and individually numbered from 1-25. It recommended I keep #1 in pristine condition and save it for myself. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these copies, as I’m in Vietnam and shipping to press and friends and family in the US is prohibitive, but I paid for them as part of my publication fee.

You can buy Nobody’s Heroes, the story of the African-American regiment ouf of Harlem during WWI, at the following e-tailers:

Amazon, here.
Barnes and Noble, here.

Or you can check out and review the book on Goodreads, here.

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