When the Crime Fiction Author Met the Criminal

He sat across the table from me, his appearance since I was gone in the bathroom a shock. It was obvious he came to speak to the local sexpats who had taken up residence at the table next to mine, but the half bottle of Khmer labeled booze—brown more than honey—the missing tooth, and the … Continue reading When the Crime Fiction Author Met the Criminal

Nobody’s Heroes Now on Sale

Nobody's Heroes is the story of Reuben Ayers, a young professional black man in 1910s Harlem. He has thought much of improving the plight of his race and decided that politics would be his route to uplift. When President Wilson declares war on the Allied Powers, Reuben makes a deal with Tammany Hall, the Democratic … Continue reading Nobody’s Heroes Now on Sale

The McDonough Machine

Reading Ehrlich's autobiography that I wrote about, here, I have run across an interesting bit of San Francisco history. Peter McDonough of McDonough brother's fame was the owner and operator of first a saloon and then the city's first bail bonds operation. He used the information he learned from freeing accused to build a protection … Continue reading The McDonough Machine