Gia Đình Tôi

Tôi sinh ra ở thành phố Seattle, ở tiểu bang Washington, trong miền tây bác nước Mỹ. Tôi không nhớ trời tuyết hay cuộc sống như thế nào vì gia đình mình dọn nhà trước tôi một tuổi. Ngoài đó, tôi nhớ thăm bà ngoại và các chú cô bác họ mõi nam. Trong mua … Continue reading Gia Đình Tôi

The Hunter Chronicles Free Download

I just got the new cover for my free download The Hunter Chronicles. This is a collection of three novellas outlining the first adventures of Chris Hunter in Southeast Asia. You can download it for free at Bookfunnel here. Chris Hunter is a fixer for Greater Dragon Asia, a multinational investment fund that has projects … Continue reading The Hunter Chronicles Free Download

Mindfulness Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

I’ve been depressed, and though I have read that mindfulness is a treatment for depression, I haven’t truly experienced it myself before. Tonight, though, I was feeling down, more so than usual depression and I needed to do something about it, So I searched “how to cure depression with mindfulness.” What Google returned was an … Continue reading Mindfulness Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

Chris Hunter Omnibus Now on Sale

The first three Chris Hunter adventures are now available for purchase in a trade paperback format. For all of you who complained that they were only available as Kindle downloads, now you have the hard copy. Chris Hunter Omnibus #1 retails for $10.49, a slight increase over the previously promised $9.99 as I added a … Continue reading Chris Hunter Omnibus Now on Sale

Chris Hunter Omnibus #1

As I first announced here the Chris Hunter Omnibus #1 will be available for purchase on starting February 5, 2019. Chris Hunter is a fixer who works for Greater Dragon Asia, an international investment conglomerate, with interests throughout the region of Southeast Asia. With experience in crime and punishment, Chris takes care of the … Continue reading Chris Hunter Omnibus #1

The Big One for Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday $9.99 trade paperback $5.99 Kindle digital Also available for pre-order January 29, 2018 Haiti is a rough place, for decades ruled by the Duvalier family and their armed militia the Tonton Macoutes. In 1987, though, the last Duvalier was chased from the island. A military Junta took over the country, only to be … Continue reading The Big One for Bloody Sunday