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Nobody’s Heroes is the story of Reuben Ayers, a young black professional in 1910s Harlem. He is determined to change the situation of his people and believes the only way to do so is through power. He sacrifices everything to gain a foothold in the city’s politics, even to the point of betraying his regiment shipped to France to fight World War I.

Only after befriending Jim Europe, real life band leader who used the power of music to smash the color line, does he come to realize that there is more than one way to affect change. By the time Reuben understands his mistake its too late to save himself from his own greed. But perhaps, if he acts fast enough, he can save another and provide freedom from retribution for the sins of the father.

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While this technically has been released since 2017, I’ve just purchased a new cover image and will be re-releasing the novel in the next few weeks. You can get a hold of it here on Amazon.

Noy and her family live in Laos, a small developing country in Southeast Asia. When the son of the Vice President threatens to take the land of her in-laws she is moved to take up their fight even though her husband lawyer refuses. This literary drama tells the story of one family’s struggle against a corrupt and absolute state and follows them through the final consequences for their actions.

It’s election day in Haiti. The first free and clean elections in over thirty years. When the president’s goons attack an election site and massacre voters and observers, Hilton Greene barely escapes with his life. But there was evidence, a videotape made, and Hilton Greene–veteran reporter–wants it.
In exchange he agrees to take the filmmakers child to America, a risk worth taking for a Pulitzer worthy piece of video, and, boy and video in hand, they begin a desperate 24 hour escape in an attempt to get themselves and the video out of Haiti, before the police catch them.

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